Motorcycle and 4x4 Tours in South America and Europe

Horizonte Tours, the experts for motorcycle and 4x4 tours since 2001 - the pioneers in Argentina!

BMW Motorbike tours on a high standard regarding quality, security and personalized service.
  • Beside guiding our clients through spectacular landscapes Argentina, on great biking roads, we also get in touch with the local people, culture and history
  • Our tours go on gravel roads and tar roads, with itineraries adapted for all road motor bikers. This means any experienced motor biker can participate on most of our tours, even without or just a little off road experience.
  • We work with beautiful typical hotels with character and the best restaurants.
  • 4x4 Tours: All our tours can be done in 4x4 vehicles as well.
  • Private tours exclusively for groups. On motorbikes or 4x4.


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Machu Picchu

30.04.16 to 16.05.16

tour viaje machu pichuThis adventurous 3 week motorbike tour takes you across the picturesque Andes of Northern Argentina and Chile, Southern Peru and Western Bolivia and is packed with places of interest: be dazzled by the seemingly infinite white and glistening salt flats, admire the majestic volcanoes and the famous inca ruins of Machu Picchu Read More >>>
viaje 4x4

Pyrenees - Coast to Coast

20-29.05.16 / 03-12.06.16 / 01-10.07.16

This great motorbike ride on the best roads of northern Spain and southern France takes us through the most stunning mountains of Europe – The Pyrenees. The Trans-Pyrenees route is probably one of the best motorbike rides worldwide. This tour impresses with its Read More >>>